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M6 Motorway Recovery Breakdown Services 


M6 Motorway Recovery Breakdown Services

M6 Motorway Recovery Breakdown Services can help with all breakdown and car recovery on the m6 motorway, we help the all M6 motorway breakdown issues , 24hr motorway vehicle recovery and M6 motorway tyre changes.


​M6 Motorway car recovery service's with over 30 years experience in the motorway breakdown recovery of all types of vehicles on the M6 motorway, cars, vans, 4x4's & light commercials, our team of specialists will help you to understand your options and arrange the correct vehicle for the car recovery of your motor vehicle from the M6 Motorway network. 

What is M6 motorway recovery? 

When you order M6 Motorway Recovery Breakdown Services, our mobile mechanics will always try to fix your vehicle. However, in some cases your car may need more extensive repairs which means it must be towed. In these cases, our car recovery near me service will tow your vehicle and passengers to the nearest repair garage, home, or to a place of your choosing.

Searching for M6 motorway recovery breakdown?

If you are searching for M6 motorway recovery services near me then your search will end here. We are one of the leading motorway recovery businesses. With just one call you will get all the answers related to your "motorway recovery breakdown issues" search query. So don't waste your precious time, call us now and get more details about your query.

To discuss your requirements, phone today to find out more how we can help you. 

24/7 M6 Motorway breakdown help.

Excellent service  

Motorway Towing home or to the nearest garage 

We can recover any vehicle from the Hard Shoulder

Fast, safe and affordable

M6 Motorway Breakdown Service Area's

Regardless of where you have broken down and need motorway recovery, we will assist you in the towing of your vehicle from the M6 motorway hard shoulder to a safe location

  •  M6 Motorway Breakdown Recovery Forton Services

  • M6 Motorway Breakdown Recovery Burton on Kendal

  • M6 Motorway Breakdown Recovery Tebay

  • M6 Motorway Breakdown Recovery Kendal

  • M6 Motorway Breakdown Recovery Lancaster

  • M6 Motorway Breakdown Recovery Preston

  • M6 Motorway Breakdown Recovery Carnforth

  • M6 Motorway Breakdown Recovery Penrith

  • M6 Motorway Breakdown Recovery Lake District 

  • M6 Motorway Breakdown Recovery Shap

  • M6 Motorway Breakdown Recovery North Bound

  • M6 Motorway Breakdown Recovery Preston

  • M6 Motorway Breakdown Recovery Chorley

  • M6 Motorway Breakdown Recovery Leyland

  • M6 Motorway Breakdown Recovery Morecambe


M6 Motorway recovery breakdown service
Car Recovery Service in Cumbria and Lancashire

If you get into breakdown trouble on the M6 motorway - go left



If your vehicle has a problem, or you get into trouble on the M6 motorway, stay calm and try to exit at the next junction or the motorway services area. If that’s not possible:

  1. Put your left indicators on.

  2. Move into the left lane.

  3. Enter the next emergency area, or hard shoulder.

  4. Put your hazard lights on.

  5. Get behind a safety barrier where there is one - keep well away from moving traffic.

  6. Call M6 Motorway Recovery on 01524 487 203, for 24/7 motorway breakdown help.

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