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Vehicle Battery Replacement Service in Cumbria and Lancashire

Vehicle Battery Replacement

Vehicle Battery Service

Flat or dead batteries aren’t just inconvenient – they can leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere. Our mobile  vehicle battery replacement service can help!

M6 Recovery mobile car battery fitting service is a fast, affordable and convenient way to replace a dead or flat car battery. Our professionals are well trained and can do a quick vehicle battery installation. Our service can install a new car battery at a time and location that suits you. So whether you’re stuck far from home, at the office, or parked in your driveway, and looking for the nearest car battery replacement we’ll come and get you going again.

To discuss your requirements, phone today to find out more how we can help you. 

Hassle free battery replacement

Our battery replacement service was created to take the hassle and  headache out of finding and installing car batteries. We take care of  everything from choosing the correct battery, and coding your car’s computer, to providing free coffee while you wait.

Available 24-hours a day all year

Our car battery replacement service is available 24/, 365 days a year. So,  if your battery decides to give up, our service vehicles are always close by and ready to help. 

Professional battery installation 


Replacing vehicle batteries is a specialist job now that most modern  vehicles require coding of the energy management system during fitting.  Or mechanics are trained to choose the correct battery and safely install it  without damaging your vehicle.

Car Recovery Service in Cumbria and Lancashire

We’ve designed this to be as easy, fast and convenient as possible for  you. It’s as easy as getting in touch. We’ll do the rest. 


  1. Contact – Call us on 01524 487 203 to order your new battery. 

  2. Confirmation – Our support team will verify your location and vehicle  type. 

  3. Relax – Sit back and relax while our service vehicle comes to your  location.

  4. Fitting – our expert mechanics will test, install and check your new car  battery. 

  5. Drive – Get back on the road again

So what are you waiting for? If you’ve got a flat battery let M6 Recovery  Services do the hard work.

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