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Vehicle Diagnostic Test

Has a warning light or car fault code appeared on your dashboard? This can be very worrying, especially if the engine light appears!

Today’s vehicles are far more advanced and have hundreds of sensors around the vehicle that report back to the ECU (Engine Control Unit) Some warning lights and error codes can be very difficult to diagnose, that’s why it’s important to get these checked by a professional.

At M6 Recovery Services, we can help diagnose these fault codes, with our state-of-the-art Engine Diagnostics Equipment our technicians will endeavour to identify faults and fix if possible, without the need to take your vehicle to the garage.

To discuss your vehicle diagnostic requirements, phone today to find out more about how we can will help you. 

Our state-of-the-art vehicle diagnostic system connects to your vehicle’s communications interface on-board diagnostics port, The system will read the Engine Control Unit’s fault codes and send a report back. The diagnostic system can turn off fault lights when a fault has been fixed.



Diagnostic Health Check from just £30

This scans all the modules on your vehicle and can highlight any car faults. 


The scan includes;

  • ECM (Engine Control Module)

  • TCM (Transmission Control Module)

  • ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System)

  • BCM (Body Control Module)

  • IMM (Immobiliser)

  • TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System)

  • SAS (Steering Angle System)

  • Lighting and Comfort Control System

  • Emissions Levels

State-of-the-art diagnostic system for all vehicles



Camper Vans


Light Commercial Vehicles

Vehicle warning lights

Red dashboard warning lights

A red dashboard warning light usually indicates that your vehicle requires immediate attention, especially the lights relating to the engine, airbags or brakes. Book a diagnostic check with M6 Recovery Services for assistance.


Amber dashboard warning lights

An amber dashboard warning light usually indicates that your vehicle may need attention and leaving this unchecked could cause a bigger problem later, so it's best to get these checked as soon as possible.


Green or Blue dashboard warning lights

Green and blue warning lights tend to be general warnings. For instance, they could be telling you which lights are being used or whether your windscreen wipers and handbrake are on. However, you shouldn't ignore these lights, as they can also indicate that you have a fault so it is important to pay close attention to any warning light that appears on your dashboard.


If you notice a red or an amber warning light then it is very important that you don't just leave it, get your vehicle booked in for a car diagnostic test.

What does a Diagnostic Check include?

The diagnostic check will include a full vehicle system health check. The scanner will identify all modules connected to your vehicle’s  ECU and individually check for any stored or current faults.

The scanner will identify if the fault is ‘Current’ or ‘Stored/Historic’ – any stored or historic faults will be cleared from your vehicle’s ECU memory. Any current faults will indicate that something is not as it should be, and in most circumstances, we should be able to advise what work may be required.


The diagnostic check does NOT include the cost of repairs, replacement parts, recoding, etc. Where we are unable to offer a suitable repair (i.e. electrical system faults) we provide you with the fault codes that should enable you to obtain repair quotations from a specialist.

Engine management lights may not extinguish if a fault identified is not rectified.


Vehicle Diagnostic Service Area's

Regardless of where you need a "vehicle-diagnostic service", we will assist you in the following locations.

  • Vehicle-Diagnostic Barrow-in-Furness

  • Vehicle-Diagnostic Ulverston

  • Vehicle-Diagnostic Keswick 

  • Vehicle-Diagnostic Blackburn

  • Vehicle-Diagnostic Kendal

  • Vehicle-Diagnostic Lancaster

  • Vehicle-Diagnostic Preston

  • Vehicle-Diagnostic Blackpool

  • Vehicle-Diagnostic Carnforth

  • Vehicle-Diagnostic Penrith

  • Vehicle-Diagnostic Lake District 

  • Vehicle-Diagnostic M6 Motorway

  • Vehicle-Diagnostic Preston

  • Vehicle-Diagnostic Chorley

  • Vehicle-Diagnostic Leyland

  • Vehicle-Diagnostic Morecambe

  • Vehicle-Diagnostic Windermere

  • Vehicle-Diagnostic Newby Bridge

  • Vehicle-Diagnostic Lancashire

  • Vehicle-Diagnostic Cumbria


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